Case Study

How we brought a major global telecomm company with peaks of 100,000 events per second up to speed with real-time data warehousing and reporting.
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Other Case Studies

Media Sector

• Manages global enterprise network
• Spreadsheet decommissioning effort
• ROI of 1 month, recovered $6 million in first year
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Public Sector

• Worldwide Green Card Lottery
• Public Internet portal scaled from 500K to 10M daily visitors
• Successful delivery in 2 weeks
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Public Sector

• Athens Olympics Real-time Radioactive Threat Assessment
• 15 second processing time
• Multimedia and mulitlingual (11 languages)
• 100% reliability 24x7
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Who We Are
We offer our customers the ability to solve business data problems that they have been unable to solve because of time, cost or technical expertise. We offer superior database solutions and with much faster implementation and much greater value than our competitors.

We focus on unique challenges:

• At risk or failing projects
• Extremely short timelines
• Pushing the limits of technology
• Unusual ROI demands
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What's New
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Latest news

April 5th, 2008 — Arnold Software Associates has submitted our first application to the Apple iTunes Store. The app is Blood Pressure Reducer and it is designed to use a medically proven method to lower your blood pressure, with effects that can last all day.
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December 1, 2008 — Arnold Software Associates successfully completes sale of existing contracts to Croix Connect, Inc.
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